Sunday, April 1, 2007

New Suit

Brand new! It's a charcoal gray with alternate blue and gold pinstripes. Pretty sharp. And the pants match too! It's a Jos A. Bank Signature Collection. Yeah, I know I'm a little stuck on the Signature stuff but at the price it was acquired...

The dress shirt is a French blue, broadcloth, straight collar. The necktie is a regular Jos A. Bank. I bought it when I picked up the suit because you just have to buy a new tie when you get a new suit, don't you? It's got a gold background with navy and blue stripes one way and brown the other way. I think "They" call that a windowpane.

See that gold thing in the coat pocket? That's a pocket square. The saleslady suggested it to expand my limited sartorial horizons. I bought into her explanation. I "folded" it in what's called a puff fold according to this site. I tried the straight and diagonal shells but was running out of time before church. I'll have to practice a bit and see if I can't get one of those to work. They look kind of nifty. Dandy even.

I think I'll be wearing the same conglomeration for Easter next Sunday but I'm going home so I'll just have to blog about it on the Monday after.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Pocket square, eh? That is dandy.

But seriously, the photo makes the suit look blue to me. Really blue, actually. Maybe my monitor is out of calibration, maybe it's your camera.