Saturday, July 7, 2007

Running Behind

I'm still trying to get used to my new schedule and keep up with my blog. I seem to be running about a day late. Since today, Saturday, is a non-conglomerated day, I have a chance to catch up.

I skipped the casual part of Friday yesterday since I got in a bit of trouble for fully participating last Friday. The positive responses have continued and general acceptance has been the norm. A very nice result.

The tie is another Ferrell Reed City of London. It's a pretty thick, woven gold with lighter gold squiggle things. The background is somewhat of a basket weave design. The blue circles are the reason I selected the blue, straight collar dress shirt. I selected the tan sport coat for no other reason than I had worn the navy one the day before. It works and I'm not sure the navy would have.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Simplicity, Top to Bottom

The fifth of July felt like a Monday so simplicity was key. A white dress shirt is always tops on the list when in simple conglomerating mode. The navy sport coat is the other obvious choice when simplicity is key. So what else would I select to tie it all together than a navy/silver necktie? Honestly, I think it's a fairly nice conglomeration overall, if I do say so myself.

Same Suit, Shirt, Different Tie

Today's suit and shirt are the same as Sunday's. The necktie is quite a bit different and illustrates yet again what a difference a tie can make for a conglomeration. It is another Jos A Bank tie -- regular, not Signature. The lavender stripe picks up the color of the dress shirt really well. The orange stripes add a little contrast for some interest.The purple/lavender basket weave stripes add some interest in texture.

Monday, July 2, 2007

New Suit, Fancy Tie

Today's necktie is somewhat special. I have never worn it before even though I've had it for years. It's a Robert Talbott Sevenfold. I acquired it on Ebay for a lot less than what it was originally priced but I still somehow had that feeling of dread should harm come to it. Silly.

It's a fairly different tie than what I normally wear but still very much in the realm of repetitive geometric. It's more horizontal than I normally care for. The pattern is made up of varying shades of blue and gold. In person it really is a very nice tie and nearly ties itself into a pretty nice knot.

I draped it over a background of an off-white (ecru) pinpoint, spread collar dress shirt. I was trying to pull out the gold a little more because the suit is a cross-hatched navy/blue pattern. I figured there was enough blue already between the suit and tie but I could have easily paired it with a blue or white shirt.

Speaking of the suit, it is another Jos A Bank but it's an Executive collection rather than Signature. It's not quite as constructed (conglomerated?) as the Signatures but the pattern/texture was too cool to pass up.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Supply and Demand

Evidently I am the only supply of neckwear wearing at the new job. My casual Friday experience was what I thought it would be -- nothing special. Except that I was continually asked where my tie was. Several people nearly demanded that I continue to conglomerate. They did not actually say "conglomerate", of course, but that's how I heard it.

Today's conglomeration is all new. I actually started with the shirt this time, sort of. When I picked up the suit earlier in the week I had this purple (They call it lavendar) in mind but I didn't have a tie that I thought would work. I found a similarly colored shirt and the salesman showed me this tie. It has a light gold background with darker gold squiggly lines. What's difficult to make out in the picture are the dots that are different shades of purple. It's a regular Jos A Bank brand.

The suit is a new Jos A Bank Signature. It's a medium gray solid. I had been looking for just such a suit for quite some time so when it went on sale at 50% off, I couldn't resist. Then when it was totalled up at the register, it turned out that it was really about one third the original price. SoI bought another blue suit that should make its debut tomorrow.

After looking at the picture, I'm really going to have to figure out a better way to take the pictures. The flash washes out a lot of the color and textures of the dress shirts. Sometimes the ties too.