Saturday, June 16, 2007

Another Simple Friday

Well, sort of simple. The necktie is yet another Jos A Bank Signature. It's a really thick, unwieldy tie that has a mind of its own. I doubt this one will make it out of the closet again because it's just too stiff.

The dress shirt is a red and blue striped point collar. I really didn't want to put the navy coat over the top of this pair so I conglomerated it with the tan coat. I think it works.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Breaking The Trend

I started the week off with three straight floral designs. Alas, I could not find another to conglomerate that I hadn't already worn. Today's necktie is a basket weave. I guess it could be continue the trend somewhat. A flower basket?

Another Jos A Bank Signature with the dominant colors being navy and gold and a touch of red in between the weaves. I suspect this is an older model because it is not self-lined like most of the other Signature ties I have. I also a few other Signature ties that are not self-lined but they are not in nearly as good condition as this one.

The dress shirt is a blue spread collar pinpoint. I'm beginning to like spread collar shirts more since they tend to show more of the tie knot. What other sport coat could I have conglomerated other than the navy? The gray, I guess.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Flower Power

I was proofreading yesterday's post before I added the picture and published it and noticed I mentioned I'm not fond of florals. I then noticed today's necktie is also a floral. Then I noticed that Monday's had a bit of flower power in the pattern as well. Must be the subconscious at work.

Today's floral is a Ferrell Reed City of London. It doesn't mention anywhere on any of the labels that it's an extra long but it must be. I ended up folding the tail back on itself and pinning it just so I could get a decent knot and apron length. That's the first time I've ever done that. I had thought about wrangling it into a full fledged Windsor to soak up the extra length but decided against it since I already had on a straight collar dress shirt. The gray sportcoat was a natural selection to conglomerate with the purple and gray in the tie. I may try the black one next time around.

Black Tie, Sharp Dressed

What's a blog worth if you can't quote ZZ Top at least once? The "paper" it's printed on? I doubt you'd be able to see a tie on Billy or Dusty.

Today's black tie is another Jos A Bank Signature. It's a floral pattern which I usually avoid. The jacquard weave adds another interesting texture to the overall look. The dress shirt is an off-white (ecru) point collar. I usually wear this tie with a French blue but decided that as good as my life is going right now that I really didn't feel black and blue. The black sportcoat tops it all off.

I stopped by the local Jos Bank store on the way home from work because they had a pretty good sale going. I had my eye on a gray solid suit (Signature, of course) and after they totalled it up it was half what I expected to pay. That's a really good sale! So I bought a blue tick (I think it's tick) as well (not Signature). The sale was for Father's Day, I think, and to offload the current season's leftovers. I'm not a father which is one of the greatest regrets of my life. So I started the process to join a mentoring program. I hope that all works out.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Recycling Sunday's Shirt

I only wore the shirt for a couple of hours yesterday so I really didn't see any reason why I couldn't wear it again today. It's not one of those non-iron ones so I was going to wear it again before it got washed anyway. Certainly before it got ironed again.

The necktie is another Jos A Bank Signature from Ebay. It's only 50% silk with the other half comprised of linen. It wrinkles quite easily and ties a very uncooperative knot. I think I might stick to 100% silk from now on. Of course it could be the liner, I guess. The design is a bit of a windowpane (I'm in a windowpane rut lately) with small flowery things where the lines cross.

I'll give you three guesses which coat I selected and the first two don't count. Yes, the navy sportcoat.

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!!

I've conglomerated this particular tie with the charcoal suit before but I switched it up with a regular old blue shirt instead of the "French" blue like I did here. Or should that be "Freedom" blue instead? Just kidding.