Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Navy and Purple

This is the first time I've conglomerated purple with navy. I think it is anyway. The necktie is a Robert Talbott Best of Class for Nordstrom and another Ebay acquisition. The dark squiggles in between the purple squiggles are navy which is the reason I decided to try the navy sport coat. I think it works pretty well. And, of course, the white centers of the "eyes" is why I conglomerated the whole thing with a white dress shirt.

The dress shirt is different than any other dress shirt I've ever worn. It's not that it's white or has a spread collar though. It's textured. I think the combination of the flash and reducing the size of the picture washed out the texture of the shirt. That's too bad because it really adds to the overall interest of the conglomeration. Here's the manufacturers picture of the shirt with a closeup:

The tie is sure to be a favorite for a long time to come. I think it'll be conglomerated with something gray next time. That's what I was thinking before I saw it live and in person.

Monday's Trial

Yet another Jos A Bank Signature necktie. It's one of the older, non self-tipped versions. This particular one was extremely difficult to get a decent knot and after several attempts I just went with what I had. That's a problem with Ebaying ties -- there's no test drive possibility. Life's about trade offs anyway and I guess the trade off for cheap, nice neckwear is the lack of knottiness.

The dress shirt is the off-white (ecru) straight collar and the only sport coat I figured would conglomerate is the tan one. Maybe I should have stayed in bed. It's my last week at this particular job so I couldn't do that.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Burgundy With Charcoal

No, I'm not talking about barrels of wine.

Today's necktie is yet another Jos A Bank Signature but it's a Signature Gold instead. It's another advertising thing like "new and improved" or something. Actually the Gold lines are a notch above the regular old Signature line and they are numbered as well -- like # 172 / 210 or so.

This is the first time I've tried anything other than a gold or blue tie with the charcoal suit. I had taken a salesman's advice on the colors of ties up to this point but decided to risk a little and try my own hand in the conglomeration. I think it works and the tie does have some gold and blue in the pattern. I knew better than to stray too terribly far. That's one of the very attractive things about ties -- you can change the whole look of a conglomeration just by changing the tie.

The shirt? Just a regular old blue point collar. Well, French blue.