Friday, April 6, 2007

Good Friday

Every Friday is good! Pretty simple conglomeration today. The dress shirt is another Lands End. It's a pinpoint straight collar blue Bengal stripe. The necktie is an Ike Behar with a maroon background. The rectangles are blue and gold. I topped it all off with the navy sportcoat.

Hope everyone has a fun Easter weekend. I'm on the way out the door to drive to my home town through a snow storm. Hopefully the roads will hold up for a few more hours.


Michael Segers said...

I'm enjoying your blog, just welcomed you in my latest post to my blog and added yours to my list of necktie blogs:

Happy Easter!

Coat And Tie said...

Excellent! And thank you. I have read your blog quite often and I don't quite know why I didn't link to you earlier. I have also added you.

I got quite a laugh from your comments on outfit vs. ensemble vs. conglomeration.

I did have a very good Easter although the weather did not cooperate at all. Hope yours was at least as good as mine!