Sunday, July 8, 2007

City of London Rut

Another Sunday, another reason to conglomerate. And I am in a bit of a Ferrell Reed City of London rut. I have been trying to acquire a Turnbull and Asser tie but none of them on Ebay are quite what I'm after. Hopefully soon.
I usually don't like to have my tie be lighter than my suit but today I tried it. It's a pretty simple tie and I was hoping the light blue would bring out the lighter blue in the suit. It didn't quite work. The off-white (ecru) dress shirt did bring out the gold in the centers of the squares on the tie though. One out of two ain't bad.
I'm kind of running short on ties now. I really need to go through what I have worn and not worn so I can plan against repeats as much as possible. Although there are a few that I do want to repeat because they are favorites.

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Dovid said...

The advice not to pair a tie that is lighter than the suit is generally sound, but can be safely ignored at times. It seems to work best when the suit is truly dark and not just darker than the tie.