Monday, July 9, 2007

The Ordinary Striped Tie

What would the neckwear world be like without striped ties? Less ordinary is my guess. I do like striped ties though because, generally, they're easy to conglomerate and they also make it easy to coordinate and contrast at the same time. Generally and today is no exception.

The burgundy background is the contrast to the suit (and shirt too, I guess) and the blue stripe is the coordination with the shirt. Nothing like stating the obvious, I guess. Oh, and the white stripe on the tie corrdinates with the white stripe on the suit? Yeah, I'm pushing it a bit.

I also guess that I'm running out of things to write about. A Summer lull maybe. A muse is what I need. A new tie maybe. Maybe I ought to go down to Denver this weekend and check some thrift shops for something out of my norm to shake things up a bit. Definitely an idea with merit.


MSegers said...

You'd be surprised what you can find in thrift shops. The last time I went on safari, every shop had several of the Jos A Bank ties that you often refer to.
I hope you'll include the label information on your ties. You've left it out on a couple of entries lately.

Coat And Tie said...

The thrift shops in this area are limited in their supply of neckwear. Maybe there are a bunch of closeted collectors up here. Pun intended? That's why I'd like to go to Denver and see what a bigger city might have. That would be pretty cool to find some Jos A Bank ties in a thrift store!

You are correct about me missing mention on a few labels. Sorry about that!

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