Friday, April 13, 2007

Tie Wars?

Today's necktie is one that I got in a package deal from Ebay. In other words, the other tie was the one that interested me. This one's pretty cool though. It's got sideways diamonds of brown and olive with a white swooshy thing in between the diamonds. They kind of look like T.I.E. fighters. The diamonds also have little gold and gray swooshy things on them. The navy background is actually two different shades of navy with a somewhat crosshatched pattern woven in.

The tie is a J.Z. Richards brand. I read somewhere that the designer worked for Robert Talbott at one time. I don't know if that's true or not but there is one interesting label stamped on the tie. It has a design number with a copyright. That's just about the first time I've seen a tie design copyrighted. I had no idea the neckwear business could be so cutthroat.

The dress shirt is a tan broadcloth straight collar. I think it might have a bit of a twill weave. If I really knew what that meant then I could be sure of it. The sportcoat is, of course, navy.

I think I finished the week stronger than I started out. Improvement is always good.

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