Friday, March 16, 2007

The Versatility of the Navy Sportcoat

For the second time this week I went with the navy sportcoat. It's too easy to throw on almost any dress shirt, necktie and trousers and just add the navy coat. Almost.

Today's conglomeration starts out with a blue striped, straight collar pinpoint oxford dress shirt as the base. The necktie is another JoS A Bank Signature collection. It's a kind of brownish color (taupe?) background with navy and tan big squares and light blue small squares. Another Ebay purchase as well and a four-in-hand yet again. Never fear, I'll make sure I wear some other knot next week.

That's it for a Friday. Casual Friday. Hah! Here's to a good weekend minus coat and tie. Unless I go to church on Sunday. It could happen. I don't have a green coat and tie to wear tomorrow so that's not going to happen.

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Unknown said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. Would like to see you in your full suit not just the shirt and tie and part of the jacket. I also like to dress up but have not been able to take to the level you have. Do you wear a shirt and tie on your days off? Would love to know more about you. Here is my email if you would like to chat.