Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Day Two

Today's conglomeration is a little bit of an overload on JoS. A. Banks. The sportcoat is a tan camel hair from them that I got on Ebay on the cheap. The necktie is from their Signature line. They're fairly expensive ($80 or so) if purchased new but I got this one on Ebay too. It's a geometric (obviously, from the picture) with a couple different shades of blue and brown. I wore some blue trousers that matched the blue in the tie pretty well, if I do say so myself. If I'm not careful I'll be conglomerating outfits. The shirt is another Paul Fredrick broadcloth straight collar with fine, brown stripes. Oh, and I used a four-in-hand knot once again today.

A little about ties and Ebay -- it's a great way to pick up some nice neckwear for a fairly reasonable price. You'll probably be a few months (years) behind the current style but you'll save a ton of money. I like neckties a little too much so it gives me an opportunity to expand my collection more than I would by paying full price. Neckwear is the only real opportunity for men to add a little color to their conglomerations. Dress shirts are generally either white or blue. But wait, there's more. Now you can have a white dress shirt with blue stripes! Granted, I don't take full advantage of neckwear possibilities but I'll get there someday.

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Greg Hebert said...

Hello, its great to see someone that is so interested in neckties and makes the effort to save money. I used to buy all my ties from the salvation army because they were narrow and pretty inexpensive. Then I decided to start my own website that sold narrow neckties, but I wanted to do something different to neckties that had not been offered before. That's when I came up with the idea to embroider a message that a customer creates on the back of the necktie they purchase, without affecting the appearance from the front. It has been working out pretty well, people have submitted messages for the person that they'll give the tie to or a person has their favorite quote embroidered if they are going to purchase one for themselves. Check it out and let me know what you think the name is