Sunday, July 15, 2007

Something New to Conglomerate

The dress shirt and necktie are both Charles Tyrwhitt. The tie is one of their sevenfold models. It must want to be knotted because it made such a good knot with so little effort on my part. The shirt is a 180s twill and is by far the best shirt I own. It's so soft and comfortable that I really didn't want to take it off after I got home today. It's also my first French cuff shirt which allows further conglomerating:

I used silk knots rather than cuff links because silk knot allow a little more freedom to conglomerate in some color. I got several different colors because it's a white shirt that I can wear with nearly any tie.

The pocket square is a Carot and Gibbs that has a navy and red paisley pattern in the middle but I only wanted the blue border with gold trim to show. So that's how I folded it. Pocket squares are a bit of a new art for me and it will take a little time to get that part of conglomerating in line.


Philip Baldwin said...

I love your conglomerates! It's nice to see new and fresh ideas. I will be staying tuned.

Unknown said...

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