Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blogging and Conglomerating to Continue Indefinitely

If I'm coated, tied, blogging and conglomerated then it must be ok for the new job. Either that or I'm looking for a new job that's tolerant of conglomerating and dresses for interviews.

The new job is everything I had hoped for and more. My conglomerations are not only tolerated but have also been encouraged a bit here and there.

Today's necktie is another Ferrell Reed City of London. It's a very fresh Ebay acquisition that has somewhat brushstroked squares of different shades of gray. The smaller blue squares keep it from being too monotone. The jumbling of the squares on the black background keeps it from being too orderly yet it is quite orderly and symmetrical. Pretty cool tie that was an absolute steal on Ebay -- less than $6 delivered to my mailbox.
The dress shirt is a black and white Ottoman stripe that really appears gray from much of a distance. The stripes add a fair bit of texture, close up or far away, and a bit of a sheen. The only real option for a sport coat to finish off the conglomeration was the black one.

Two days on the job and two conglomerations. It'll be interesting to see how long I bat 1.000.

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